About KQKI 95.3 FM

KQKI, a local radio station in St. Mary Parish, has evolved from a modest, amateur operation to become a highly professional and community-focused entity. Boasting an air staff with over 100 years of experience, a News Director with more than 20 years’ expertise, and a sales staff possessing 50 years of radio experience, KQKI is also proud to have an owner with over 50 years in the industry.

The journey began on December 31, 1976, when KQKI first aired as a small 3,000-watt Class “A” Radio Station. By 1990, the FCC granted them eligibility to increase their power to 16,500 watts and they became a Class “C-3” Radio Station. On September 29th, 1995, their vision materialized as they began operating using their new transmitter and tower.

Initially not considered very credible, KQKI has since transformed into the go-to source for listeners in need of information. For instance, during Hurricane Andrew, they were the first station to be back on air, providing vital information about shelters, food supplies, and emergency services around the clock to residents in St. Mary, Assumption and St. Martin Parishes.

Regarded highly for its dedicated employee base in the small market radio industry within the United States, KQKI has seen numerous past employees succeed as managers, sales representatives, and on-air personalities. As stated by one former manager who now works for a large market station: “If you want to learn radio, KQKI is the place you will learn it.” The company selects each employee based on ability or potential and currently serves approximately 48,000 people within St. Mary Parish.

KQKI’s core guiding principles include:

  1. Operating a profitable organization that upholds utmost professionalism, ethics, and standards in serving the South Louisiana area.
  2. Providing essential information and the best music to elevate listeners’ lives.
  3. Actively participating in diverse community projects aimed at improving living, working, and business conditions locally.
  4. Maintaining exemplary corporate citizenship at all times.
  5. Serving advertisers
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